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Update — Saturday18 of March 2023

Filters in the menu. The Dien Chan eBooks are an essential educational support for natural care in facial reflexology.

eBook «Menopause and hormones»


It is only a processing step that causes inconvenience. However, many natural solutions exist to reduce the unpleasant signs of menopause.
Taking synthetic hormones is to deny this biological process that Dien Chan can easily balance in a natural way.

eBook «Menopause and hormones»

Dien Chan provides an extremely effective response to energy blockages, dysfunction of an organ or gland and poor distribution of vital fluids.

In this eBook, we explain the actions that offer us the possibility of facing the inconveniences caused by menopause, the result of natural aging.


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The «Yang~yin prelude»


Indispensable protocol to treat wrinkles and fine lines in a natural way, here is the Prelude Yang~yin.
We offer you this free booklet for you to effectively practise the elegant gesture of Chan❜beauté.

The «Yang~yin prelude»

Easy to read, it clarifies the concepts of yin and yang in a practical way.
You will see that Chan❜beauté is nourished by common sense and that the gestures applied correctly are pleasant and effective.

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